For some time now, Apple products are some of the most popular smart phones available on the dedicated market. Their smooth design and unique features has transformed the gadgets into one of the first choices for those who are planning to purchase a mobile device. The fact that iPhones are exclusivist, elegant and classy cannot be denied, and that is precisely the reason why some users consider these devices also have some drawbacks, which may change a bit users’ experience. There have been many complaints over the years, so Apple is trying to improve their devices with each new model.

To begin with, one of the most common drawbacks of Apple products is their price – they are often considered to be overpriced. It is true that they have certain unique specifications that you will not find in other products, but the prices are really high, so a lot of people are trying to find alternatives. You can either get a used phone or sign a contract with a carrier. This has the benefit of lowering the costs, but leads us to the following issue. The next most common problem most iPhone users complain about is that their phones are locked, so they can only use them for the original carrier. The mobiles do not work if they try to change the SIM with one that belongs to another network operator, and this can be extremely annoying. Most of the times, if they do not know how to unlock iPhone 4, people automatically assume that they need to buy a new mobile, to change the operator. This was true some years ago, but fortunately lately there are some options through which you can unlock the phone. For instance, you can visit a dedicated online platform such as, where you will find all the guidance you need, so that you can complete the procedure yourself. The process is very simple: all you have to do is enter the site, fill in some data and wait to receive a code. So as soon as you learn how to unlock iPhone 4S, you will be able to use the gadget for many different mobile networks.

Besides these software problems, there are also some hardware issues that users find difficult to solve. The thing is that they can barely find original or qualitative replacement parts, unless they purchase them from the original store, but then again, the high costs issues arises. In addition to this, the order takes a lot of time to be delivered, and sometimes you even have to send the entire phone, so that the parts can be installed in the original store. Since the screens, for instance, are quite fragile and a lot of users deal with cracked or chipped phones, alternative shops seem to be the most sustainable solution. These have reliable products and the delivery options are very efficient and fast. This means that sometime you can get the components you need the next day after you place the order, and you can also replace them yourself, without additional expenses.