During the summer months, we tend to overlook many problems that our homes might have. And so, we leave essential boiler maintenance out of the discussion, until the cold winter months seem to be approaching faster and faster. Boiler issues seem to be the most frequently ignored issues in homes across the world and. To make sure that you truly enjoy the festive atmosphere surrounding the Christmas time, make sure to check for the issues below and fix those as fast as possible.

Your Boiler Doesn’t Seem to Heat Up Your Home Appropriately

There are a number of reasons why this may happen in your home. Limescale on your pipes, frozen pipes, and so on are regular culprits. However, the most common cause for similar issues is a faulty thermostat. Your thermostat is a highly sensitive component of your entire heating system and a fault to this element will most commonly result in inappropriate indoor temperatures, usually colder than they should. When this occurs, you should consider investing in pump repair services. A team will either come by and assess the functions of your boiler pumps or they might even replace your thermostat with another, a more accurate one.

Frozen Boiler

Another common boiler concern during the winter months is a frozen boiler. This is a phenomenon that usually occurs in condensation boilers as condensate pumps are filled with water that can freeze during the winter. To fix this common issue, you can defrost the unit yourself with some warm water. You only have to pour the water over the length of the pipe and you’re all set. If this doesn’t seem to have the expected results, calling a professional team and allowing them to take a closer look at your boiler will certainly help.

Your Boiler Is Making Unusual Noises

Loud noises in your boiler system are usually caused by an air buildup throughout the system. Low pressure and leaky pipes can draw air into the system and this makes it to clank and crack. If you notice similar noises in your boiler system, make sure to give a professional team like the one at Edison Parker a call and have them take a look at your boiler.

The Pilot Light is Out

When your boiler’s pilot light is out, this might signal a bigger problem that you can’t fix on your own. This might signal gas buildup. If you smell gas nearby your boiler, you should call your boiler professional urgently.


Limescale buildup is one of the most common issues that you can identify in your boiler. If your boiler is making unusual noises, you should start considering a professional checkup with your boiler repair company.

You should never underestimate the importance of a fully functioning boiler. Its importance becomes obvious during those cold winter months. Regular checkups and maintenance interventions should be part of all families’ plans as faults at this system might endanger the life of yourself and other family members. Plus, not having a reliable heating source during the cold winter months is certainly unpleasant.