Traveling is one of the major activities people use to do during holidays. Many of them are going in the same destinations, but there are many secret places that wait to be discovered. Usually these places are not stated in the tourists’ guides. People that want to explore some of the most mysterious places have to read travel blogs. There they will find reviews made by passionate travelers, who are not afraid to adventure in exploring the natural wonders of the world. Travel bloggers will write all details about the secret destinations they visit on their website, and tips on what tourists should do there. People do not know about the existence of many beautiful places, and they include majestic waterfalls, natural caves and historic places.

Everyone should visit Whitehaven Beach from Australia, which is famous for its white sands. It is perfect for the ones that want to explore Australia and its islands. This beautiful beach is accessible by boat from one of the main ports of Shute Harbour or Airlie Beach. It is one of the world’s ecofriendly beaches and there are not allowed cigarette smoking or dogs. If tourists love to spend their holiday on a beach, they could travel to Midway Island, which is known as a National Wildlife Refuge. It is perfect for artists, because they can create in a place where nature and history are blending. Tourists will love to have some peaceful moments of connecting with nature, while being surrounded by an amazing albatross population. Tourists can choose to experiment a Portland travel or going in a backpack travel in Scotland to see the Fairy Pools from the Isle of Skye. They will have the impression of visiting a fairytale land, with cold and clear waterfalls and pools. From here, they can travel to Norway to see Pulpit Rock, a much-visited natural attraction, which is famous for its massive cliff of 604 meters above Lysefjorden.

If they choose to visit the old continent of Europe, tourists should not believe that there is nothing new they can discover. After seeing the rocky fjords from Norway, they should visit the medieval city of Dubrovnik, because this city offers visitors the view of a place that remained untouched by time, and which preserves the beauty of old times. They will be surprised to see that it is used as setting in the movie Game of Thrones. They will have the impression of never leaving the Norway fjords and that people have managed in an unknown way to build houses on the rocky shores of Mediterranean. If they want to explore other secret destinations in Europe, but have no idea where they should travel, they could visit to discover many European mysterious places. They can discover proves of untouched history on the old continent, as the medieval village of Hallstat. There are living less than 1000 people, and it is located deep in Hallstat Mountains. While an excursion there, they will see some of the prehistoric mines and have the feeling of reconnecting with their ancestors. Travel blogs prove to be an amazing place where people can find secret travel destinations.