If you want to organize a trip for your students, then there could not be a better destination than Barcelona. With so many things to see and do, Barcelona will offer your students an unforgettable and fulfilling foreign experience. A training camp will allow the classroom to enjoy numerous interactive activities and at the same time to discover the local academic activities. This type of group trip will combine fun moments with educational ones, which is the main purpose of every extracurricular activity.


A variety of sports and tournaments

A training camp is the ideal way to allow your student to increase their athletic capabilities and to be trained by professional coaches. A träningsläger will give them the opportunity to discover new possibilities and interact with foreign people. There are numerous sport activities to choose from; this way, your classroom will be able to pick the sport the enjoy most. Either football training, basketball or tennis and swimming sessions, the variety of sports put at your students’ disposal is ideal to meet everyone’s desires. A training camp will help the students escape their usual routine and surpass the usual monotonous training habits. They will face challenges and they will meet new people, who enjoy the same sport as them. Besides training, one can also participate in tournaments. You can organize matches with Spanish teams and give them the chance to experience some exciting moments together. Your classroom will be able to reach their athletic goals and increase their achievements. This can be a great opportunity to discover themselves and to step out of the ordinary.


Academic experiences, fun and relaxation

A school trip includes everything, from visiting important Barcelona attractions to discovering Spanish academics. Regardless of age, every single person will fully enjoy spending a week or two in this wonderful location. The city of Barcelona has so many things to offer, that you will need to elaborate a clear activity plan. Even though attending academic and Spanish classes will be the main focus of the klassresor, you need to allow your students to discover the marvelous attractions found in Barcelona. Combining educational activities with more exciting ones should be your main concern. Make a list of all important attractions, such as Casa Mila, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art or Sagrada Familia. After vising the most significant places, you can allow your student to have a little fun as well. Barcelona has one of the largest theme parks in Europe. Besides training, everybody should try out other entertaining activates, such as driving an ATV or hiking. If you want everything to be perfectly organized, what you need to do is find a professional group organizer and let him take care of every detail. From accommodation options to transportation, there are many aspects that need to being taken care of. This is the main reason, why hiring a professional team, such as Adventures Barcelona, is more than necessary. They will make sure you and your students will have a unique experience without any inconveniences.