A rack PDU is a power distribution unit that is especially designed for data center environments. Although organizations seek improvement, they seem to completely ignore the importance of choosing the right in-rack power solution. Even if this is not a critical choice, picking the right one for your application is important because you can avoid making power decision in the future. The truth is that the right rack PDU can save you a great in terms of costs, not to mention that you enjoy improved IT efficiency and precise control. Nonetheless, taking into consideration the wide array of offers, making a choice is not simple. Power distribution units vary in branch circuits, voltage and, of course, capabilities. When selecting an APC PDU for your data center, keep in mind the following aspects.

First of all, it is necessary to think about the use of the power distribution unit. PDUS can be used in data centers as well as in server rooms. The point is that they are suitable for an entire range of applications, which is the reason why you should you should decide if you want to use the device as a building block for your data center or you want to use it to feed other hardware technologies. This requires a great deal of thought. For instance, if you are taking into account a collaborations space, you will need a PDU with additional features. You have to put in the same amount of effort you do when selecting a Dell PowerConnect switch.

Secondly, estimate the power capacity required by your IT rack. This can be accomplished in several ways. Brand manufacturers like Dell provide online calculators that allow you to make a close approximation based on your specific configurations. The best way to understand which is the maximum power required by your organization is to perform an audit. An audit will identify your needs and identify potential issues. Once you have established your power requirements, you can start looking for PDUs.

Thirdly, do not forget the voltage you will need for each outlet. You should not choose a unit based solely on the size of the circuit. Rack power distribution units have many configurations, the choice for one or the other depending largely on the equipment that it will support. As a general rule, data centers choose devices with multiple outlets of the same type. They can support multiple voltages and they leave room for additional equipment. Models with multiple plugs also provide reliable power distribution. For data center equipment, visit Network Tigers.

Finally yet importantly, pay close when to the features. Rack power distribution units have a number of features, but not all of them may help you deal with your specific challenges. The features play an important role in the engineering process. While some features allow you to remotely control each outlet, others tell you when you might be overloading. Look for a device with advanced features like metering, switching and monitoring. Read more to get an idea about the differences.