According to studies, there is a large variety of persons who work in UK and who don’t have any idea about their rights as employees. Not to mention the fact that the most confusing part is related to signing a labour contract. So, this situation encourages some employers to take advantages of this lack of information and gain some benefits. This happens especially when people are young and they have no experience when it comes to job. But in order to know their rights, people need to hire a solicitor who can provide them all the necessary information.

Majority of UK solicitors claim that in the last period, some of the biggest companies from this country who have a large workforce are more and more interested in making zero hour contracts for their employees. This thing can come with both advantages and disadvantages for a person who has to sign this type of contract. For example, one of these advantages is represented by the fact that zero hours contracts can be appealing to those who need flexibility when it comes to their working schedule. So, they don’t have to spend a certain number of hours at their working place and this gives them the opportunity to take more than one job. For example, one of the jobs can involve activities which can be done remote. Another advantage is that people can accept a zero hour contract when they want to be part of the team of a certain company which doesn’t have a full-time fixed contract available. So, they can start with this contract and then ask for a better one.

But the UK solicitors recommend asking for zero hour contract rights before signing anything, in order to make sure that everything is done according to law. For example, those who have such contract should know that they must be paid with at least the national minimum wage per hour. It is also true that people can read about these aspects on the Internet, but sometimes laws can come with very complex information which can be interpreted in many ways. Also, due to mention is the fact that each contract can have its particular terms and details that can be better understood by a solicitor.

But don’t you think that people need to hire a solicitor only when it comes to signing a labour contract. There are also other situations when it’s highly recommended for people to do so. For example when they want to solve a workplace dispute which can cause negative effects such as anxiety, stress or bad mood, a good solution is to ask for the advice of a solicitor. And people shouldn’t feel ashamed for doing that. A solicitor is the most indicated person to talk to, especially when things are about to get complicated. There are studies which show that a lot of persons were fired because of a working place dispute, even if it wasn’t their fault. But they weren’t able to do anything because they didn’t know their rights.