ADHD, the abbreviation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a condition affecting people’s behavior and attitude. It is often observed and diagnosed during the first years of live, and it seems that a recent study has shown that more than 10% of children in school suffer from this disorder. So, in case your kid is one of them, do not be worried. Of course, it means it has certain special needs and may not act completely normal all the time, but this does not mean they cannot lead a normal life. Sometimes, parents who notice their children are somehow hyper energetic and dynamic think they are dealing with ADHD, but this is not always true. For this reason, it is extremely important to take the kid to a specialized doctor as soon as you notice anything strange happening. An experienced doctor will run many dedicated tests to establish an accurate diagnose and prescribe proper medication. Fortunately, nowadays there are multiple treatments and solutions, such as weighted blankets for ADHD, aimed to sooth and alleviate symptoms.


The most important thing you need to know is that the patient has to be correctly diagnosed. In order to get this, keep in mind you will have to go through several stages of testing, which involve gathering information from many sources. This way, experts get access to a wide array of perspectives on the child’s behavior. The most common symptoms of ADHD consist in inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. So, if your kid is always in motion, easily distracted and cannot finish their tasks or do not seem to listen to what is happening around them, you should consider talking to a specialist. After seeing their medical history, performing a physical exam and comparing the child’s behavior to that of pupils of the same age, the doctor will set the diagnostic. In case your kid is actually suffering from ADHD, rest assured this does not mean there is no cure and they will remain the same their entire life.


There are several behavioral treatments you can try, and these work perfectly for those whose symptoms are not that severe. For starters, visit InYard to purchase dedicated products aimed to help you control any type of disturbance. Another important thing you should do is design a more structured schedule, including setting expectations and goals, together with the kid. Establish a clear routine and inform them firmly but gentle that they need to respect it and complete their tasks. Invest in a weight blanket for ADHD and use it every time you think the child is agitated or hyperactive. Try to streamline their social skills, because later on this will evolve into the ability to build social relationships. If you feel like you need more ideas, you can even join a support group made of parents of children who also suffer from ADHD.  Remember that medical treatment requires a detailed previous history, because different patients may respond differently to the same drugs.